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Our Products & Suppliers:

HydraTech Engineerd Products, Logo

HydraTech Engineerd Products Specializes in world-class coating and sealing systems for trenchless popeline repair, Waterline/Vessel repair and reeservior engineering, technical and manuacturing services, have made the company's products a popular choice for many industries workdwide. All HydraTech products have been designed, engineered and tested to provide highly reliable performance.

HydraTech Offers You Products Such As:
- Internal Sealing System
HydraWrap - Carbon Fiber Composite for corrosion protection and structural enhancement
PolySpray - Spray Applied Polymer Coating

SSI Sealing Systems, Inc., Logo
Flex Seal, Logo Flex Seal Utility Sealant is an aromatic urethane material noted for extreme toughness, elongation, acidic resistance and longevity. An inexpensive and permanent method of sealing the internal grade adjustment ring area an joint sections in a manhol, normally the top 12 inches. The elongation is 800%.
Infi-Shield, Logo Infi-Shield is a flexible high-quality rubber and non-hardening butyl mastic that seals on the outside of manholes and catch basins. it prevents inflow from the start and is used for new construction or rehabilitation.

SewperCoat, Logo

A division of Kerneos Aluminates Technologies, the worldwide leader in research and production of calcium aluminate cements.SewperCoat® is a ready-to-use mortar designed specifically for the municipal wastewater industry to provide a structural, abrasion and corrosion-resistant, protective lining against biogenic corrosion relative to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) found in wastewater envionments. 

SewperCoat is backed up by a 10 year warranty on both labor and material!

Ladtech System, Logo

Ladtech, Inc. specializes in manufacturing fully recycled manhole adjusting or grade rings that eliminate deterioration problems associated with concrete, brick and rubber rings.

Ladtech has revolutionized the underground industry by reinventing the manhole adjusting ring - offering a solution to the age-old problems associated with concrete manhole adjusting rings.

Rhino Manholes, Logo

Rhino High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Manholes for waterworks, utility inspection, storm sewer and waste water applications are designed to consistently deliver optimum durability, with significantly more resistance to corrosion and abrasion than conventional concrete manholes