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Manhole Rehabilitation Products to Stop and Prevent Inflow and Infiltration into Sanitary Systems

D. A Van Dam & Associates is proud to offer complete manhole rehibilation systems which include products to help stop and prevent Inflow and Infiltration into sanitary and storm systems by using chimney seals, joint wraps, insert dishes and chemical grout

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Flex-Seal Utility Sealant®

Internal Seal

Internal Chimney Seal to stop and prevent I/I from entering sanitary systems.
Flex-Seal Utility Sealant® internal chimney seal is an aromatic urethane rubber. Urethanes are noted for extreme toughness, elongation, abrasion, resistance, acidic resistance and longevity. Sealing Systems, Inc. process allows a fast and simple method of sealing the adjustment ring area and joint sections will not allow infiltration and will not deteriorate from hydrogen sulfide or road salt. When properly installed, no special conditions or requirements are necessary for optimal performance.

Flex-Seal Equipment
  • Flex-Seal Aromatic Urethane, Part "A"
  • Flex-Seal Primer
  • 1 Plastic Pail (with cover)
  • 2 Application Brushes
  • Flex-Seal Thick-a-vator, Part "B"
  • Flex-Seal Primer Catalyst
  • 2 Pair of Rubber Gloves


Flex Seal Installation Video Link:

Infi-Shield® Uni-Band

External Seal

External Chimney Seal to stop and prevent I/I from entering sanitary systems
The new improved Infi-Shield® Uni-band is an inexpensive and permanent method of externally sealing the grade adjustment ring area of a manhole. The one piece molded seal has a reinforced preformed L shaped corner. Accommodating ground movement, Infi-Shield® Uni-Band's high quality rubber and non-hardening butyl mastic provide a flexible water-tight seal around the structure. Infi-Shield® Uni-band saves taxpayer's money by not having to treat the extra clear water and by avoiding expensive repair and maintenance costs.



  • Eliminates water and soil infiltration through pipe and structures
  • Eliminates costly patching
  • Reduces the burden of waste water treatment facilities
  • Quick and easy installation
  • EPDM safety approved material
  • Product available to fit any size structure or pipe
  • Eliminates breakdown of adjusting rings on manholes and catch basins
  • Cost effective - short and long term payback
  • Seals castings to structure
  • Adjustable to any height for manhole and catch basin ring sections



Infi-Shield Internal Uni-Band

Infi-Shield Internal Uni-Band

Mehcanical Internal Chimney Seal

Prevents Infiltration and Siltation in Sanitary Manholes and Catch Basins

The Internal Uni-Band is an inexpensive and permanent method of internally sealing the grade adjustment area of a manhole. The seal has a foam backing to ensure a water tight seal over the rough/irregular surface of the structure and stainless steel bands at the top and bottom with expansion bolts, allowing for precise adjustment to create a secure fit. 

To accommodate ground movement the Internal Uni-Band 's high quality polyisoprene rubber has 637% elongation. The Internal Uni-Band saves taxpayer's millions  by not having to treat infiltrating water and by avoiding expensive repair and maintenance costs. 


  • Provides watertightness, while having the flexibility to allow the manhole frame to move with the surrounding pavement as it reacts to the forces of frost heave,thermal expansion/contraction and traffic loadings.
  • Installed in the inside of existing manholes, no expensive time-consuming excavating and pavement replacement is needed.
  • Constructed of high quality, long-lasting materials.
  • Reduces excess clearwater in sanitary sewer system by stopping manhole frame/chimney inflow, thereby providing more system capacity and reducing treatment and pumping costs.
  • Installed in new manholes after paving is complete without interfering with or delaying paving operations.
  • Reusable — can be moved or removed and reused elsewhere if needed.


Infi-Shield Gator Wrap®

Joint Wrap

INFI-SHIELD® Gator Wrap is available in 6" and 9" widths and comes in a 50 foot roll or in a user friendly kit, which has six sixteen foot rolls. Upon special order, we can also manufacture a 12" width but please allow four weeks for delivery.

Infi-Shield® Gator Wrap prevents infiltration by providing a watertight seal around any manhole, catch basin or concrete pipe joint. Gator Wrap resists harsh soil conditions and also provides a root barrier for any crack or joint. Infi-Shield® Gator Wrap installs easily with no special tools and can be immediately back filled.


  • Easy, cold application by hand over a wide temperature range
  • Offers excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance
  • Excellent chemical and mechanical bond adhesion to concrete surfaces
  • Will not shrink, harden or oxidize
Infi-Shield Gator Wrap



Aqua Seal

Aqua Seal®

Hydrophobic Polyurethane

Aqua Seal® is a dual component hydrophobic polyurethane water stop system designed to stop high infiltration in precast or brick lined structures.Aqua Seal is highly reactive (3-5 seconds) and can stop leaks in excess of 50 G.P.M. Aqua Seal® is pumped under pressure with a caulking gun and can be injected into flowing water. Aqua Seal® comes packaged with twelve 600 ml dual component urethane caulk tubes along with twelve static mixers. Since only a heavy duty dual component caulk gun is required, cities can easily install Aqua Seal® with their "in-house" maintenance crews. A user-friendly pneumatic gun is also available to provide a faster and more efficient installation.


Aqua Seal Chemical Grout Video Link:


HDPE Manhole Insert

Ultra High Density Polyethylene Copolymer

Leaking manhole covers are a major contributor to rainfall induced inflow. Sewer evaluation studies indicate that a typical manhole casting will allow an inflow rate from .20 to over 5 gallons per minute during rainfall occurrences. While the manhole cover is one of the leading contributors to collections system I&I, ironically, it is the easiest and most cost-effective problem to remedy. You can stop this unwanted inflow of rainwater through the manhole cover with the strong, durable SSI manhole insert. SSI manhole cover inserts are custom sized to provide an enhanced fit and seal, and are manufactured from ultra high density polyethylene copolymer material known as Marlex HXM 50100. SSI inserts can be inexpensively installed utilizing your "in-house" collection system maintenance personnel.

HDPE Manhole Insert


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