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SewperCoat Wastewater Infrastructure Protection


The Ultimate Solution for Sewer Infrastructures

SewperCoat is backed up by a 10 year warranty on both labor and material!

Biogenic corrosion of sewers can be a serious problem for asset Owners. To rehabilitate corroded sewers, or to protect new ones, SewperCoat® is a unique solution providing the ease of use of a cementitious mortar with an unequalled durability.

SewperCoat® proposes a unique, proven, and radically different repair strategy: repair with an easy-to-apply cementitious system able to resist the most severe biogenic corrosion conditions. Because of its very specific chemistry - 100% calcium aluminate - SewperCoat® induces a "bacterio-static effect". This "bacterio-static effect" drastically slows down the acidophilic bacteria ecosystem and inhibits the acid generation at the source itself. This is how SewperCoat® provides a long lasting solution to Owners of infrastructure threatened by biogenic corrosion.

SewperCoat®: 10 Key Benefits in a Single Product

  • Outstanding biogenic corrosion resistance
    Thanks to its 100% calcium aluminate nature, SewperCoat® induces a "bacterio-static effect" inhibiting the acid generation at the source; because it cuts down the acid source, outstanding biogenic corrosion resistance is achieved.
  • Easy monolithic installation
    SewperCoat® being a cementitious mortar, it is mixed, pumped and sprayed using conventional equipment. Once the substrate is well prepared, a single monolithic layer is applied in one go. No primer, no multi-layer system, no glass wire mesh, only a smooth layer of high performance mortar that will turn hard within a few hours.
  • Readily adheres to damp concrete surfaces… can be applied in a live sewer environment
    SewperCoat® loves water! Good news, as sewers are quite damp places… Some inert liners require a dry surface to bond, calling for tricky, time consuming and costly drying process. On the opposite hand, because it is based on calcium aluminate cement, SewperCoat® needs water to hydrate, and will develop strong adhesion to damp concrete substrate. This enables installation in a live sewer.
  • Rapid return to service… as quick as 30 minutes if needed
    SewperCoat® normally starts to harden in 6 to 8 hours, and reaches over 40 MPa within 24 hours. When live sewer conditions are constraining the time schedule, it is possible to accelerate SewperCoat® to get surface hardening as quick as 30 minutes. This a very unique and valuable feature to avoid by-pass costs in most circumstances.
  • Restores structural integrity
    SewperCoat® is a cementitious mortar with high quality synthetic aggregates. It develops compressive strength in excess of 40 MPa within 24 hours. Thus, it can be utilized to replace the corroded concrete and rebuild the original profile to restore the integral structural integrity. Trying to restore the profile with a conventional mortar and then waiting days for curing before applying a protection layer involves doing 2 underground interventions. In most situations, doing everything at once by applying a single layer of SewperCoat® will end-up as a simpler, faster and less costly solution.
  • Rock solid barrier to infiltration
     SewperCoat® is a high quality cementitious mortar which reaches over 40 MPa within the first day. As such, it provides a rock solid barrier that will prevent any further infiltration through the surface covered.
  • High abrasion resistance
    Another side benefit of SewperCoat® is its high abrasion resistance. Because of the exceptional hardness of its 100% calcium aluminate synthetic aggregates, SewperCoat® exhibits high abrasion resistance that may be of value when sewer flow is heavily loaded with sand or other abrasive sediments.
  • Without volatile organic compounds
    Biogenic corroded sewers are by definition confined spaces, and this imposes additional constraints for rehabilitation. Organic polymers like epoxy release volatile organic compounds when they are mixed and applied. These compounds have been found to be are harmful and this can be an issue when dealing in the confined space of a sewer. SewperCoat® is a 100% calcium aluminate cementitious mortar which hardens upon the hydration of cement. As such, it does not contain volatile compounds, making its use simpler and safer.
  • Economical to apply, and cost effective in the long run
    SewperCoat® is mixed, pumped and sprayed with conventional construction equipment. It is applied quickly in a single operation, in less than 2 hours for a typical manhole. After, it will provide decades of outstanding durability - protection for generations - making the installation cost a most advisable investment for the municipality.
  • Makes sense for sustainable development
    One key aspect of Sustainable Development is the rational use of raw materials. Because SewperCoat® provides an outstanding resistance to biogenic corrosion, with the potential for decades of reliable service-life, it is a very rational use of raw materials.