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UV CIPP Lining



  • The installation with UV-Systems in combination with high performance UV resins results in extremely short curing times — up to 6 feet per minute
  • Is not affected by water table issues
  • Nearly all the equipment for installing and curing the liner is contained on one truck resulting in a small job site footprint — less disruption to the public
  • Liner sizes 6” to 66” diameter
  • ISO 9001 manufactured products assuring quality on every job

  • Enormous economic & ecological advantages as well as high environmental compatibility compared to conventional open design
  • Curing by steam or UV light, thus permitting an eco-friendly, fast & flexible procedure compared to hot water curing
  • Systems for municipal sewage and industrial waste water
  • NO DIG system, no or little service interruption
  • Proof of durability service of at least 70 years
  • Cost/Value advantages in larger diameters
  • Established manufacturer over 20 years
  • Fits/Conforms to all shapes of pipes (oval, square)
  • No resin washout-no discharge downstream-no styrene odors

Further Advantages of UV Cured Liner:

Precision Liner Traditional CIPP Felt Liners
Flexural Modulus 1,015,264 psi – 2,000,000 psi 250,000 psi – 400,000 psi
Flexural Strength 29,008 psi – 36,259 psi 4,500 psi – 5,000 psi
Product Life 70 Years + Up to 50 Years

Certification according to ISO 9001 for the production of the liner meets all ASTM standards for pipe line rehabilitation.

Thousands of feet installed, resulting in superior product/service and lower cost to clients.